Training For a Half-Marathon

Once I went gluten-free and started feeling healthy again, I started back up with one of my favorite pastimes: running.  For the past 5 years, I have worked hard to get back in to distance running shape.  I ran two marathons and several half-marathons, one of my favorites being the Fueled by Fine Wine Half-Marathon.
Here is a picture from the 2011 race

The race is hard but gorgeous going through the Oregon wine country.  The views are spectacular from the course, almost to make all of the hills worth it.  :)  And to top it all off, your entry fee includes a wine tasting event once you are finished hosted by all of the local vineyards.  What could be better after running 13.1 miles!?  I was all geared up to run this year, too, but I came down with the worst case of stomach flu I ever had.  Saturday night before the race, I was clutching Gatorade in bed barely able to move.  Suffice it to say, I was not going to make it to the race in the morning. :(

Now, feeling better and a month of summer vacation left, I am feeling the need to fit in another half-marathon.  I hate to let all of that training go to waste.  I am thinking of signing up for the Eugene Women's Half Marathon in Eugene, OR.  I ran the Nike Women's Marathon last October during our "mini-moon"; don't I have the best husband?!  I loved the girl-power spirit of that run and I think it will be fun to run another race dedicated to women. And to run in the city of Prefontaine and the Ducks, what could be better!

The race is only a month away and, even though I did a lot of training for the Fueled by Fine Wine Half, I need to keep the training going so I am conditioned for race-day.  I researched different training schedules for half-marathons and I came by some great programs and advice. has a great beginners' program that you can access here.  This is a great schedule to follow if you are new to half-marathons, coming back from an injury, or just want to run for fun.  Make sure you can run the shorter distances before committing to the program.

Hal Higdon also has great training programs on his site.  What I like about his training programs are that he has something for everyone from the first time half-marathoner, to someone who wants to improve his/her time, to the seasoned/elite half-marathoner.

Nike also has great training programs specific to the Nike Women's Marathon/Half-Marathon.  The best thing I like about their training program is that they include a strength-training program specific to distance runners and injury prevention.  Click here if you want to check it out.

If any of these programs interest you and you are in the Pacific Northwest, come join me at the Eugene Women's Half!  It may not have a wine tasting at the end, but they have chocolates, champagne, and free massages!  

 Daily Mile Run Tracker

I just discovered a great way to track workouts on the blog Jill Will Run called Daily Mile.  You can track how many miles you ran, how fast you ran, and your felt on your run.  The site will also tell you how many calories you have burned, how many cheeseburgers and donuts you've burned, and how much gas you save by running versus driving.  You can link up with other runners to encourage each other, send motivation, or to learn about upcoming races. Only two runs tracked and I am already having a blast with it.  If you want to get back in to running or need some motivation for training, check out the site on my home page.  Happy running!

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The Dreaded Treadmill....

Most runners I know hate the treadmill.  It is called boring, tedious, and some even argue that it is worse for your joints than running in the street.  I, honestly, don't mind the treadmill.  I am usually so lost in my thoughts that I don't notice where I am.  And living in the Pacific Northwest means that you either spend winter and springs months getting soaked on your runs or learn to deal with the treadmill.  Personally, I prefer the treadmill to getting soaked. But, to avoid hitting a workout plateau, it is important to vary your treadmill workouts. I found some great treadmill workouts  and that work for all levels and workout interests:

If you are new to running, this is a great workout for beginners.  It is a 60 minute workout that combines walking and jogging, which they call "wogging".  This is an awesome way to introduce your body to jogging and the whole workout burns about 300 calories.  Check it out here.

For people who are looking to do a little speed-work, check out this interval workout.  You can adjust the speed to meet your needs and ability level.  If you do the workout as prescribed, you can expect to burn 500 calories.  And remember, if you burn 500 calories per day for a week, that's one pound lost!

Even though they can be painful, runners really should integrate hills in to their workouts.  If you are relegated to the treadmill, here is a great workout to keep that hill-training going.  If you can manage to do this workout a couple of times per week, you're ready for any race through San Francisco!

If you are getting "running burnout", try this treadmill workout that incorporates different types of leg workouts. You'll be feeling the burn in your legs after the sets of squats and lunges on the treadmill.

Does anyone else have any treadmill workouts that they enjoy?  Feel free to post them in the comments section!

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