Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daily Mile Run Tracker

I just discovered a great way to track workouts on the blog Jill Will Run called Daily Mile.  You can track how many miles you ran, how fast you ran, and your felt on your run.  The site will also tell you how many calories you have burned, how many cheeseburgers and donuts you've burned, and how much gas you save by running versus driving.  You can link up with other runners to encourage each other, send motivation, or to learn about upcoming races. Only two runs tracked and I am already having a blast with it.  If you want to get back in to running or need some motivation for training, check out the site on my home page.  Happy running!

Last Run

3 mi
00:28 /09:20 pace
3 mile run after an hour long lifting class! Good, easy run on the treadmill :) posted 1 hour ago
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