Sunday, August 26, 2012

Favorite Gluten-Free Breakfast Spots

This has been a very exciting weekend for us:  we finally have walls!  The drywall has finally gone up in our kitchen and dining room.  It is such an exciting process for us because we can now get a real vision of what our house will look like when the remodel is done.  

While I am so excited to see the drywall go up, I have lost any ability to cook or do any sort of food preparation.  Our sink looks like a crime scene so we can't even do dishes after cereal or something simple.  Not that I am complaining. ;-) So my wonderful husband took me out to a lot of meals this weekend.  One thing that we did that we don't usually do is go out to breakfast.  I absolutely love going out for breakfast on the weekends!  But, as people with gluten intolerance know, going out to breakfast gluten-free can be tough.  Most breakfast foods have some sort of gluten in them and, even if they are made gluten-free, you still have to worry about cross-contamination when eating out. Luckily, Portland has a lot of wonderful gluten-free breakfast restaurants that are knowledgeable about cross-contamination.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1.  Bob's Red Mill:  This is a combination grocery store and restaurant.  As many of you probably know, Bob's Red Mill makes a lot of gluten-free flours and products and they put those products to use in their restaurant.  They have a gluten-free menu where you can get biscuits and pancakes made in a separate pan.  They also have a case of gluten-free and vegan pastries that are amazing.

2.  Slappy Cakes: This restaurant it so much fun I can hardly stand it!  They have gluten-free batter to which you can add any toppings and fillings like bacon, cheese, sausage, chocolate, berries, peanut butter, and more that I can't remember. Then, they bring the batter to your table and you grill the pancakes right at your table! You can also order delicious organic eggs, omelets, breakfast meats, and healthier fare.  My favorite thing about this restaurant is the care they put in to preventing cross-contamination.  They steam clean each table after use and they will make your pancakes in the kitchen in a gluten-free safe pan if you don't want to make yours at your table.  When you go, try one of their speciality cocktails, they are to die for!

3.  Singer Hill Cafe:  This place is actually in Oregon City but I had to mention it because they have amazing pastries and gluten-free wraps.  I went there with my in-laws once and had the most incredible egg, cheese, and bacon wrap and smoothie.  Their brownies are amazing, too. :-)

Any favorite gluten-free breakfasts?  Share in them in the comments section!

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