Friday, August 10, 2012

Portland Boot Camp Class

I mentioned yesterday that my friend Amy took me to a boot camp class in SW Portland.  And, while the class kicked my butt, the trainer, Antje Fimmel, is amazing!  She works you hard but she also encourages you and makes it fun.  I worked muscles in my body that I never knew I had!  The hour goes fast, even though you are sweaty and sore at the end.  The class I went to was broken in to three section:

  • We started with a dynamic warm-up of jogging, skipping, high knees, lunges, bear crawls, and lateral side-steps in a squat position. 
  • Then, we did agility training in 10 second bursts.
  • Finally, we broke in to three groups and competed in relays with sprinting, lunges, burpees, push-ups, planks, mountain climbers, and squats.
If you are looking for a really great workout, you need to give one of her classes a try.  They are reasonably priced for such a great work out.  The name of her fitness company is BeneFitnessPDX, and I believe she offers classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Thanks, Antje, for a great workout and thanks Amy for getting me to go!

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